• Valid passport with at least SIX MONTHS valid upon arrival in Malaysia.
    • Old passport is NOT required if the Current passport has travel history.
    • If current passport is Blank (i.e. without any travel history, then old passport is required in which the travel history is shown.
  • 1 Form (To be printed back to back).
  • Applicants mobile number
  • 2 Photograph (Fresh ones i.e. NOT used earlier for any visa) ((Passport size, colored, recent clicked with White Background, 60-70% face coverage, upto shoulder length with both the shoulders visible).
  • Confirmed Return Ticket with ticket number.
  • Hotel Confirmation
  • Last 3 Months Original Bank Statement (with bank STAMP and SIGNATURE) in case of first time (abroad) traveller
  • CATEGORY 2- Single entry E- VISA 30 DAYS STAY ( All e-visas will be single entry visa by default. For multiple entry visa, please apply for sticker visa with justification of multiple entries during 1 trip i.e. ticket should show two entries into Malaysia in one trip. Only if embassy is convinced, it will issue multiple entry sticker visa.)
  1. Passport copy front and back (in Colour) JPG format
  2. White background photographs JPG format
  3. Ticket confirmation in PDF format with ticket number
  4. Hotel confirmation in PDF format
  5. Personal Three Months bank statement with minimum balance of USD 1000/- in PDF format
  6. Vaccination certificate in PDF format
  7. Birth certificate mandatory of children below 12 years in PDF format


All the documents should be properly scanned. Phone clicked documents shall not be accepted.

Online Visa Options are also available, Please contact Airocity Team for further details.

If First Port of entry is Singapore and then Malaysia ,Copy of Valid Singapore Visa is required to submit to Malaysia Embassy for Visa processing ,Or in other words ,if travelling to Malaysia via Singapore, then Singapore Visa is also required to be submitted for Malaysia Visa.



  1. In case for sponsorship, Sponsor ship letter is required (with explanation for the relationship with the Applicant) along with the Sponsor`s latest 03 months original bank statement with bank stamp and signature.(Exception for minor 17 years and below)
  2. For applicants who have not travelled on Malaysia visa issued before , they must attach an original letter (duly typed and signed ) stating reason for failing to travel . Failure to do so will risk Rejection of visa.
  3. Atleast three blank pages required in the passport to apply for visa.
  4. the latest form has the space for applicants mobile / landline number which is must to be mentioned.
  5. Photo should be of following specifications:-
  • 3 color recent photo (3.5x5cm)
  • without border
  • recent photo
  • with white back ground
  • with 60-70% face coverage
  • upto shoulder length (i.e.both shoulders visible)
  • of high quality
  • with no ink mark,
  • with no creases
  • with no staple marks
  • It should show you looking directly at the camera
  • without hat cap
  • without hair tucked behind ears
  • scanned copy is not accepted
  • color photocopy is not accepted

Processing Time

4 to 5 Working Days

Submission Time
09:00 am to 11:00 am

Collection Days
Monday to Friday.

Collection Time
Monday to Friday.

Visa Section Working Days
Monday to Friday.

Special Instructions
Fees by draft only in favour of High Commission of Malaysia, New Delhi New Delhi (SEPARATE DRAFT WITH EACH APPLICATION, COMBINED DRAFT NOT ACCEPTED).

Visa Type Visa Fee (INR) VFS & Courier Charges (INR) Handling Charges (INR) Total Amount (INR)
Single Adult Visa 4460.00 0.00 0.00 4460.00