Kindly check visa application centers/embassy website for latest visa requirements and quarantine rules, as they change frequently without any intimation.

  • Option1: Visa Stamped on Passport
  • Visa application completed, signed by the applicant
  • if applicable: Authorization (for 3rd person). In case applicant is a minor: Visa application signed by legal guardian
  • if applicable: Authorization (for third person)
  • Travel Document issued within the last 10 years and the validity period of the travel document shall exceed the validity period of the visa by at least three months; it shall not be damaged and shall not contain unofficial records; it shall contain at least two empty pages to place a visa blank in
  • Copy of Tickets purchased for travel or a booking of such tickets (when travelling with an appropriate means of transport)
  • Proof of accommodation in Georgia (e.g. A rental agreement for accommodation; hotel reservation; invitation by which the inviting party confirms that he/she provides accommodation to the alien; any other document confirming existence of accommodation in Georgia)
  • Proof of financial funds during the travel to and stay in Georgia (e.g. bank statement for the last three months duly stamped and signed by the bank; receipt of a grant/study financing; a sponsor letter; any other document confirming availability of financial funds)
  • Travel and health insurance shall be valid for the period of stay in Georgia, which, if necessary, will cover any expenses related to his/her health status and death. The travel/health insurance shall be valid all over Georgia.
  • Document confirming the purpose of the alien travel to
  • In the case of a guardian/custodian of a citizen of Georgia, or in the case of a person under guardianship/ custody of a citizen of Georgia – a document evidencing guardianship and custodianship.
  • A document evidencing payment of the penalty if an alien was imposed a penalty under the legislation of Georgia for staying in Georgia without legitimate grounds.

To issue a visa to a minor (under 18) and/or a person with mental disorders – the consent of legal representative/representatives of the minor and/or the person with mental disorders along with Birth Certificate needs to be submitted.

 Option 2: Applicants holding valid Visas for certain countries can enter Georgia without a Visa for an Appropriate Period and under Appropriate Conditions. For details, please refer to the Embassy`s website at and select language as English on the Top Right Corner of the web page

All passenger need to FILL ONLINE FORM and COME PERSONALLY FOR SUBMISSION but we can collect on their behalf.

Embassy has started E-visa facility and some countries are exempted as well. For further information/details in this regard, please contact Airocity  Team (Mr. Sanjay)

Processing Time

Approx 15 days or more as cases are referred.

Submission Days

Monday to Wednesday.

Collection Days

Monday to Wednesday.

Visa Section Working Days

Monday to Wednesday.

Visa Type Visa Fee (INR) VFS & Courier Charges (INR) Handling Charges (INR) Total Amount (INR)
Fee Rs. 1661.00 2316.00 1652.00 5629.00

Documents Required For Georgia E-Visa

  • Scan Passport
  • Photographs
  • 6 Months bank statements
  • Exact travel date

No. of stay 

30 Days


4 months

Processing Time

Note: Processing time

Approx 5 working days

Visa Type Visa Fee (INR) VFS & Courier Charges (INR) Handling Charges (INR) Total Amount (INR)
e-visa 5937.50 0.00 1652.00 7589.50